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The Reference Section is located on 2nd and 3rd floors of the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Library Building.

The Reference Section has three units; namely the General Reference which is situated on the Second Floor, second unit is the Bruneiana / Southeast Asian / ASEAN Collections, and the third unit is the Multimedia Unit both situated on the Third Floor.

All materials on the Third Floor are Closed Access and library users should ask librarians in their respective units in order to get these materials.

The Bruneiana and the Southeast Asia/ASEAN Collections

The Bruneiana Collection

The Bruneiana Collection consists of materials published or issued in or about Negara Brunei Darussalam regardless
of the language and where published.

The objective and the ideas of this collections is to promote the study, accumulate materials pertaining to Brunei Darussalam through the acquisition, preservation, organisation and exploitation of printed and non printed material alike.

Some materials are dated back to 1906 such as Brunei Annual Report 1906. Some titles that can be listed out are;

     1.  Darah Kedayan - 1957
     2.  Adat Istiadat Di Raja Brunei - 1958
     3.  Shaer Rakis - 1961

The Southeast Asia/ASEAN Collections

The Southeast Asian/ASEAN Collections consist of a collection of books and other materials about the countries of Southeast Asia, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. Beside this collection, we have a special collection on ASEAN as an organisation.

These collections are especially strong on subjects such as social life, culture, economics, politics and the development of national heritage of each country. Apart from monographs, there are a number of magazines, newsletters, leaflets, conference papers and press cutting. The code use is 'AT' (Asia Tenggara).

The Multimedia Units

The Multimedia Units house various kinds of media in various format. These materials include audio and video cassettes, films, maps, photographs, microforms, CD-ROMs etc. This unit also keeps the first day covers issued bythe Postal Services Department of Brunei Darussalam.

This unit is located on the Third Floor. Library users who wish to consult these materials are requested to ask the officer in-charge and are requested to fill in forms by specifying the titles, materials and format of the information.

The General Reference

The General Reference on the second floor is provided with reference books of general matters, Special Collections and Newspapers and Serials. The reference books consist of reference tools such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, indexes and abstracts in monographic form, bibliographies, almanacs, directories, handbooks, press cutting, etc. The objective of this collection is to help library users to retrieve information in simple and fast way and to get as much information as possible through these reference tools and computers etc.

Materials in the collection can only be consulted in the library and are NOT ALLOWED to be taken out for loan. All reference materials can be recognized through the 'R' code on top of the class number pasted on each spine of a book.

Special Collections

The Special Collections consist of three main collections, namely Library and Information Science, Health and Medical and the Press Cutting within the General Reference Collections.

Library Science Collections

This is an important collection for Librarians and for those interested on the librarianship careers. This collection can be recognised with code 'O'

Health and Medical Collections

This collection was separated from the main general collection in 1996. It provides books and press cutting about medical and health. Its main objective is to provide users with special information about minor health problems, its symptom and how to avoid them. Some materials are for reference only while others may be borrowed for home reading.

Press Cutting Collections

This collection is prepared and displayed at the corridor and the subject matters range from specific Organisations, Health, Current News, Education, and many others. This material is arranged according to alphabetical orders in the file drawer or at the magazine file. The articles can also be accessed through computer at the general reference counter.

The Newspaper and Serials

T he Newspapers and Serials are also located in the General Reference on the second floor. Many local and foreign titles are subscribed as can be seen in the following list:

    1. Berita Harian / Berita Minggu (Malaysia and Singapore)
    2. The Borneo Post
    3. Business Times (Malaysia and Singapore)
    4. The New Straits Time / Sunday Times (Malaysia)
    5. Sarawak Tribune / Sunday Tribune
    6. The Times (London)
    7. Utusan Malaysia / Mingguan Malaysia (Malaysia)
    8. The Star / Sunday Star
    9. Utusan Sarawak/ Mingguan Sarawak
    10. Utusan Melayu / Utusan Zaman
    11. The Borneo Bulletin
    12. Media Permata
    13. The Straits Times / Sunday Times (Singapore)

The Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Library has spent quite a considerable amount of resources on library journals and magazines. There are about 200 titles of magazines and most of the magazines are from overseas and are specially ordered for its relevant, usefulness and demand by library users and the public alike. Some of the magazines are listed below:-

    1. Newsweek
    2. Time
    3. New Scientist
    4. Asiaweek
    5. The Economist
    6. Far Eastern Economic Review

Indexes of Local Publications

In helping and providing library users in getting and accessing the collections, the Reference Section has compiled a number of reference tools to enable users to retrieve information from various collections within the library system. These include indexes and bibliographies of local interests. Below are highlighted some of the indexes and bibliographies recently published:

    1. A Cultural Bibliography of Negara Brunei Darussalam.
    2. Bibliographies of Local Writers series
    3. Bibliografi Adat Resam Brunei Darussalam
    4. Indeks Persidangan Brunei Darussalam 1980-1992
    5. Key References Sources of Brunei Darussalam
    6. Indeks Majalah Brunei Darussalam 1989-1996
    7. Bibliografi Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Muízzaddin Waddaulah
    8. Indeks Sajak-Sajak Sebelum Kemerdekaan Brunei Darussalam

Reference Sources on the Web


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